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Our speciality division can assist with your placement requirements.


Why work with us?
With the volume of premiums we deal with, and our long established relationships with leading national and international insurers, we can obtain cheaper and broader cover under our facilities than brokers can obtain by going direct to market.


We are cover holder to Lloyd’s of London (Lloyd’s) – the world’s leading specialist insurance market. Lloyd’s bring together an outstanding concentration of specialist expertise and talent, backed by excellent financial ratings which cover the whole insurance market, including new, unusual or complex risks.


As a cover holder, you get extensive access to Lloyd’s of London worldwide insurance network. This provides even greater access to competitively priced and broad insurance coverage. For Australian companies that have subsidiaries offshore, we can help you compete against international brokers with global services.


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Build your business with confidence

From demolition and excavation to construction and fit-out, building sites can be filled with risk of injury, property damage and financial loss. Having the right cover is imperative. As such, we have purposefully created products specific to the construction industry.


Liability Insurance

We cover any activity that’s part of, or related to, the construction industry.

  • Annual or project-specific.
  • Additional coverages can be included.


The policy can be extended to include as sub limits:

  • Contract Works.
  • Annual or single project for Civil, Mechanical.
  • Electrical or Building Contractors.
  • Australia wide coverage.


Contract Works

  • Annual or single project for Civil, Mechanical.
  • Electrical or Building Contractors.
  • Australia wide coverage.


Construction Plant & Equipment

  • As a separate policy or part of a contract works policy.


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Security Industry

Tackle High-Risk Head On


The Security industry is a high-risk sector that has been experiencing rapid growth on a global scale. With our own in-house- security expert and dedicated industry specialists, Steadfast IRS is an industry leading broker offering certainty and premium coverage for your security needs.


Whether you operate as hotel security, a money carrier, a static guard, and if you use guns or dogs, our insurance solutions cover all security-related occupations and protect against:

  • Protecting your liabilities including crowd control exposures.
  • Care, Custody and Control including cash and valuables.
  • Loss of keys.
  • Professional Indemnity.


For a competitive quote now, fill out our: Security Proposal Form.


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Control your exposure to floods and cyclones with our Top up or Excess buy-down cover.

With extreme weather becoming more common in recent years, the thought of a high excess being applied to your cyclone and flood policies, can be very worrying. Steadfast IRS were the first wholesale insurance broker to introduce the innovative Cyclone Excess Buy-down cover to the Australian market, and we have since developed a Flood Excess Buy-down facility.


Going forward, Steadfast IRS’ specialist wholesale broking company – Enterprise Underwriting Solutions (EUS) – will now offer this product.


Suitable for a broad range of occupations including tourism construction, transportation mining, and energy risks.  Cover can be bought over multiple policies for the one insured


Excess Buy-down Features and benefits: 

  • Up to $750,000 flood/cyclone excess, higher amounts can be arranged
  • Can assist in obtaining coverage in flood/cyclone prone areas
  • Sum insured or percentage of loss
  • Follow form of overlying policy
  • Provides coverage for floods/cyclone when it is excluded or sub-limited under your current policy
  • Can provide aggregation limits to multiple excesses over different policies.


Top up Features and benefits:

  • Provides additional capacity to sub limits imposed for cyclone/flood perils up to $750,000 , higher amounts can be arranged
  • Follow form of underlying policy


The facilities are underwritten by Lloyds of London.


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Get On Board for Peace of Mind.

Whether you operate as a sole trader or a large commercial ship repairer, our exclusive ship repairer’s liability policy has been designed specifically to give complete coverage for all trades that work on vessels. Our insurance solution will provide protection for:

  • Traditional Public & Products liability.
  • Ship Repairers liability.
  • Vessels in your Care, Custody and Control to full Limit.
  • Professional advice.


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Life Sciences

As we strive to live longer, happier and healthier lives, we rely on the life science sector to design and deliver products and services that help us in that quest.


We foster opportunity, growth and performance in the life science sector by protecting their intellectual property, assets, research and branding through tailored risk management processes and insurance.


Life Science Products & Services, include:

  • Medtech.
  • Medical, hospital and surgical supplies.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Natural health products, vitamins and therapies.
  • Scientific, research and analytical equipment.
  • Clinical Research organizations and trials.
  • Public & Products Liability.
  • Professional indemnity.
  • Intellectual property enforcement and infringement.


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