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We are passionate about understanding your risk and insurance needs, and develop focused solutions that protect and provide greater certainty for you and your business. Our Insurance Risk specialists thrive on the challenge of identifying a vast range of risks that might affect your business, and drawing upon a multitude of disciplines and strategies to advise upon how to reduce them.

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Adrian Humphreys
Title: Principal & Chief Client Officer
Mobile: +61 4 0218 8397
Direct line: +61 2 9034-5541
Email: ahumphreys@steadfast-irs.com.au
LinkedIn Address: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adrian-humphreys-03757422

Bios: Adrian is a leading and trusted professional with 21 years of experience in the Defence, Financial Services and Insurance Industries, both in the UK and Australia. Adrian’s wealth of knowledge and skill-set has been developed through his executive management tenure at prominent international organisations, including KPMG, AON, Lloyd’s of London and prior to Steadfast as Managing Director, Lloyd’s Australia.
As Chief Executive Officer of Steadfast IRS, Adrian specialises in developing the business through innovation and superior client service. His extensive experience allows him to initiate and run a diverse range of programmes whilst successfully managing personnel working across a wide range of compliance and technical environments. Leading by example, Adrian is entrepreneurial, dynamic and has a tenacious work ethic. Highly regarded, Adrian also serves on the Executive Committee of Steadfast Group the ASX 200 listed parent of Steadfast IRS.
Notably, Adrian has previously held board positions on both the Insurance Council of Australia and the Underwriting Agencies Council of Australia.


Alan Hignett
Title: Account Director
Mobile: +61 4 1722 7027
Direct line: +61 2 8633-8830
Email: ahignett@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: Alan is an insurance professional with 47 years’ experience in the industry. He provides an extensive knowledge of all insurance Products ranging from SME through to Contract Works, ISR, Liability Builders Warranty, Heavy Motor, Workers Compensation and all Professional Lines. His many years of experience and expertise together with a genuine drive to find the most suitable solution at the most competitive rates, is what makes him so highly regarded amongst his clients and peers.
Alan has completed his Tier 1 and 2 certificates and Diploma of Financial Services (Insurance Broking) with the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance (ANZIIF) and is a long serving Qualified Practising Insurance Broker (QPIB) member and fellow of the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA).


Alex Jabre
Title: Account Executive
Direct line: +61 2 8633-8831
Email: ajabre@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: Alex is a friendly and passionate insurance professional with 11 years of experience in the industry. She provides a range of different insurances including small business, domestic and motor. Alex is an organised, motivated team player who delivers a high level of service to her clients. Alex has completed her Tier 1 and Tier 2 certificates in insurance and hopes to continue expanding her knowledge and insurance expertise.


Andrea Jardine
Title: Account Executive
Direct line: +61 2 8850-8705
Email: ajardine@steadfast-irs.com.au
LinkedIn Address: https://au.linkedin.com/in/a-jardine

Bios: Andrea is an enthusiastic and driven insurance professional with nine years of experience working with Australia’s largest Insurance organisations. Andrea is a specialist in both the Natural Therapies and Traditional Medicine, and Motor Trades Industries. Expanding on her skills, Andrea has also developed expertise within corporate broking where she works with various lines of insurance products and a range of industry types. Andrea’s proficient industry knowledge coupled with her excellent communication skills help her to provide exceptional service to her clients. Andrea has completed her Tier 2 with Gold Seal in insurance compliance and is currently undertaking her Tier 1.


Brad Santer
Title: Senior Associate
Direct:02 8381 3443
Email: bsanter@indemnitylegal.com.au
LinkedIn Address: https://au.linkedin.com/in/bradley-santer-83806537

Bios: Brad is a lawyer with Indemnity Legal who specialises in professional and public liability building and construction risks. Working with Indemnity Legal for six years, Brad has gained extensive experience in the day-to-day management nationally of litigated and non-litigated claims. His experience extends across most Australian jurisdictions and he has been involved with proceedings in common law and specialist courts in many States. Brad’s knowledge and experience with matters in the building and construction industry includes successfully acting in respect of recoveries under the building and construction industry security for payments legislation. Brad has carriage of matters in all other practice areas conducted by Indemnity Legal.


Candy Woods
Title: Claims Executive
Direct line: +61 2 8850-8708
Email:  cwoods@steadfast-irs.com.au
LinkedIn Address: https://www.linkedin.com/in/candy-woods-826796ab

Bios: Candy is an enthusiastic and personable insurance professional. With 30 years working in the industry, she has focussed her skills specifically in the area of claims for general insurance. Candy’s hands on approach, ensures she manages the process smoothly from start through to completion. Candy is passionate about identifying the needs of her clients and achieving a positive outcome in a timely and efficient manner. Candy has a Tier 1 accreditation in Insurance Broking and Financial Services.


Deborah-Anne Beadle
Title: Account Manager
Mobile: +61 4 2356 6517
Direct line: +61 2 4350-1208
Email: dbeadle@steadfast-irs.com.au
LinkedIn Address: https://au.linkedin.com/in/debbie-beadle-55a19264

Bios: Debbie is a leading insurance broker with over 29 years’ experience in the industry. Her skills and knowledge extend across insurance claims, broking and underwriting and account management. Debbie has earned herself a reputation for delivering outstanding service to her clients. By identifying each of their specific needs, she creates a tailored insurance solution that gives them the best possible coverage for the most competitive price. Debbie is an Associate member of the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance (ANZIIF).


Diane Martin
Title: Claims Manager
Direct line:+61 2 9034 5554
Email: dmartin@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: Diane is a dedicated claims specialist. With a claims career spanning 14 years, Diane started out with an international insurance company in London. Following a move to Australia in 2009, Diane worked as a claims handler for a large commercial insurance company before returning to claims broking where she currently works for Steadfast IRS. Diane believes claims service is the most important aspect of the insurance industry. By working closely with Insurers, Diane ensures clients have a stress-free claims experience and manages the process swiftly and efficiently. Diane’s qualifications include the Lloyds Exam and Proficiency (COP) in Insurance.

Donald Mitchell-Innes
Title: Manager – Client Solutions
Direct line:+61 2 8633 8846
Email: dmitchellinnes@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: Donald has worked with local and international insurance brokers in Africa, Europe and Australasia. He has over 25 years industry experience and joined the Client Solutions team within Steadfast IRS in 2018. As an insurance broker specializing in general insurance products and services, Donald helps companies to fully understand their risk exposure and achieve the most comprehensive and cost-effective insurance solution. Donald is a Senior Associate of the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF), a Certified Insurance Professional (CIP) and holds a Diploma of Financial Services (Insurance Broking).


Elizabeth Mitchell
Title: Account Executive
Direct line: +61 2 4350-1204
Email: emitchell@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: Elizabeth is an enthusiastic and approachable insurance professional with five years’ experience in the industry. Elizabeth provides a range of different insurances including Small Business, Trade, Strata Insurance, Landlords, Personal Insurance for Home and Contents, Farms and Motor. Her excellent communication skills and genuine drive to find the most suitable solution at the most competitive rates, is what makes her so highly regarded amongst her clients.
Elizabeth has completed her Tier 1 and 2 certificates and seeks to continue to the next level and study the Diploma of Financial Services (Insurance Broking) with the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance (ANZIIF).


Erin Ritchie
Title: Senior Account Executive
Mobile: +61 4 5540 0233
Direct line: +61 2 8633-8802
Email: eritchie@steadfast-irs.com.au
LinkedIn Address: http://www.linkedin.com/in/erin-clissold-2a556172

Bios: Erin is a specialist in offering Insurance products and services to the Marine Industry. With 10 years’ experience worked across Extended Warranty & Insurance Broking Divisions, Erin has built up a wealth of knowledge which she adapts to a diverse portfolio of clients and their individual needs.
Erin is highly regarded for her determined and enthusiastic approach. She has excelled in her career and is committed to delivering the highest service offering to her clients.
Erin has completed her Diploma of Financial Services (Insurance Broking) with the aim of continuing studies to compliment her developing insurance career.


George Terpens
Title: Authorised Representative
Direct line: +61 2 9034-5587
Email: gterpens@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: George is a respected insurance broker with a career spanning 40 years. George has predominantly worked as a Principal, advising his own clients. George has also worked directly with Franchisors to put programs together for their franchisees. George is very experienced in the Directors and Officers insurance area, where he has organised covers and arranged claim settlements for clients. In general insurance he has assisted clients through traumatic large claim events with very successful outcomes. George is a Qualified Practicing Insurance Broker (QPIB) who also holds a Diploma of Financial Services (Insurance Broking).


Helen Ramsay
Title: Claims Executive
Direct line: +61 2 8850-8714
Email: hramsay@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: Helen has 21 years General Insurance experience having worked both in underwriting and broking. Helen has extensive knowledge of the local and international insurance markets, built through her time with the biggest international broker in Australia and the UK and having serviced multinational companies. Helen’s current area of expertise is client focussed. She is also highly regarded for quickly achieving successful results and obtaining the best outcome. Helen holds a Tier 1 Certificate Insurance Broking with the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance (ANZIIF).


James Finucane
Title: Head of Specialty
Mobile: +61 4 0795 4105
Direct line:  +61 2 8633-8804

Bios: James has a background of 25 years of Insurance Broking experience and has held key roles with both local and International Insurance brokers. Specialising in the Marine industry, James has a wealth of knowledge in developing and managing national insurance programs and providing solutions for members of associations. James now manages a team of Insurance brokers, who specialise in the insurance needs of the Entertainment, Security, and Motor Trade industry, as well as Marine. Clients include the Boating Industry Association, Duck for Cover Entertainment Group Inc. and NSW Fishing Clubs Association. James has undertaken extensive studies to achieve Senior Associate status with the Australian & New Zealand Institute if Insurance & Finance (ANZIIF).

Jenny Havill
Title: Account Director
Mobile: +61 418 712 163
Direct line:  +61 2 8633-8807

Bios: Jenny has 20 years’ experience in the Insurance Industry working in The United Kingdom and Australia.  She has experience in working with major clients dealing with complex Insurance Programmes across many business sectors which includes multinational, national and regional customers.


John May
Title: General Manager Distribution & Placements
Mobile: +61 4 0829 9541
Direct line:  +61 2 8633-8805

Bios: John has over 30 years’ experience in the Insurance Industry, with 12 of these years spent overseas in the international markets of Canada, U.S, London and Asia with predominantly international broking firms and as owner operator of underwriting agencies. John’s experience ranges from hard to place insurance risks to international account management and Insurance programme placement. Throughout his career he has managed regions and branches of various Brokers and Insurer’s and is well-regarded for his specialist knowledge and skills. John is currently on the NSW NIBA divisional committee and provides advisory Insurance services to charities which he is involved.

Jonathan Cruz
Title: Account Manager – ACSIS
Mobile: +61 439 796 902
Direct line:  +61 2 9034-5582

Bios: Jonathan has over 9 years’ experience working within the Australian insurance industry for both local and international companies. Jonathan has sound product knowledge across multiple lines of insurance and specialises in managing the Australian Consulting Surveyors Insurance Scheme (ACSIS), which has in excess of 400 members nationally. Jonathan’s wealth of knowledge allows him to deal with the complexities of his clients’ insurance issues and ensures he delivers results and excellent service.


Kelly Stevenson
Title: Account Executive
Direct line: +61 2 4350-1231
Email: kstevenson@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: Kelly has been in the general insurance broking industry for 15 years. Kelly currently works in the commercial team with various client occupations and insurance products. Kelly has expertise dealing with Surveyors, Tradies, Business Insurance, General Property, Professional Indemnity and various other insurance products.  Kelly is a dedicated and trustworthy insurance professional, who works hard to achieve optimal results for her client’s needs. Kelly has her Tier 1 qualification in Insurance Broking.


Kerrie Betts
Title: Account Executive
Direct line: +61 2 4350-1207
Email: kbetts@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: Kerrie has been working within the insurance broking industry for over 25 years. Kerrie’s expertise lies with general insurance broking for small to medium business.
Kerrie prides herself on developing strong client relationships through open communication and focused results.
Kerrie has a Tier 1 Diploma of Financial Services (Insurance Broking) and is a Qualified Practising Insurance Broker (QPIB) with the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA).


Kevin Gibbons
Title: Principal
Direct: 02 8381 3444
Email: kgibbons@indemnitylegal.com.au
LinkedIn Address:https://au.linkedin.com/in/kevin-gibbons-55b72285

Bios: Kevin is a leading legal professional with an extensive career spanning 43 years. Kevin is the principal lawyer for IndemnityLegal, whose services cover a broad range of law including insurance disputes, contract review, claims management, general commercial law and disputes including building law and general personal law. The practice specialises in assisting Indemnity Corporation, Steadfast IRS and their clients, including a large national PI scheme for construction professionals. Kevin is knowledgeable, skilled and highly regarded as acting in the best interest of his clients. Kevin is a qualified lawyer and accredited mediator. He has acted in many significant insurance and liability cases, presented at industry conferences and contributed to notable insurance articles.


Kylie Ciechanowicz
Title: Office Manager
Direct line: +61 2 4350-1241
Email: kciechanowicz@steadfast-irs.com.au
LinkedIn Address: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kylie-ciechanowicz-075233120

Bios: Kylie is an efficient, energetic and professional team member who has been with the Steadfast IRS team for over eight years. Kylie has extensive accounts and administration across the Real Estate, Manufacturing and Insurance industries. This wealth of experience coupled with her excellent communication skills is an asset to the Steadfast IRS business for both her internal and external clients. Kylie has achieved an Advanced Certificate in Commerce and is recognised as an Internal Quality Assurance Auditor.


Latchmi Mesuria
Title: Account Director
Mobile: +61 4 5520 0381
Direct line: +61 2 9034-5510
Email: lmesuria@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: Latchmi has an insurance career spanning 28 years and has gained valuable experience in underwriting, insurance products, claims management and insurance broking. Latchmi has provided account management to client’s in many industry sectors – including Food, Transport, Property, Finance and Education, Infrastructure, telecommunication, Retail, Manufacturing, Airside, Charitable organisations. Latchmi is an enthusiastic, dedicated and hard-working professional who enjoys the challenges of the insurance broking industry and continues to successfully progress her career. Latchmi holds a Diploma in Financial Services (Broking).


Leah Atherton
Title: Account Manager
Mobile: +61 4 5540 0867
Direct line: +61 2 8633-8833
Email: latherton@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: Leah is a motivated and enthusiastic individual who is passionate about insurance. Leah has built up 21 years of industry experience across domestic, commercial and corporate risks and also has specific expertise in Claims and Builders Warranty Insurance. Excited by the challenges the industry provides, Leah intends to pursue ongoing professional development to further her knowledge. Leah is currently in a client-facing role, in charge of retaining and growing that client portfolio. Recognised for her professionalism and problem-solving skills, Leah is efficient at delivering excellent outcomes for her clients. Leah has attained both Tier 1 and Tier 2 certificates in Financial Services (Insurance Broking).


Mark Wiseman
Title: General Manager – Corporate Broking
Mobile: +61 4 1062 8837
Direct line: +61 2 9034-5507
Email: mwiseman@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: Mark is a driven professional with an insurance career spanning 45 years with Australian and international organisations. Servicing clients in diverse industries, Mark has worked with reputable brands in Australia and Europe across the broad spectrum of insurance products, including Workers Compensation. Mark specialises in streamlining local and international programmes by maximize rating structures and implementing claims management solutions to contain premium costs and the impact of lost time. Mark is a high-performer focussed on achieving the best results for his clients. Mark holds a Diploma in Financial Services (Broking), an SPA1 Accreditation with the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) and is affiliated with the Australian Insurance Institute.


Maryanne Donald
Title: Account Manager
Mobile: +61 4 5520 0643
Direct line: +61 2 9034-5584
Email: mdonald@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: Maryanne has over 25 years’ experience in insurance broking covering all types of general insurance including Professional Indemnity and Directors and Officers Liability. With a diverse portfolio, Maryanne’s clients have ranged across a wide spectrum including Engineers, Accountants, Solicitors, Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Tradespeople, Property Developers, Not for Profit Organisations and many more. Maryanne is regarded highly by her clients for her professionalism and personal touch and ability to achieve the best outcome. Maryanne is a Qualified Practising Insurance Broker (QPIB) and holds a Diploma of Financial Services (Insurance Broking).


Mike Peterson
Title: Account Director
Mobile: +61 4 1440 7050
Direct line: +61 2 8850-8702
Email: mpeterson@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: A leading insurance professional, Michael has 43 years’ experience in the industry with an extensive background in underwriting and Broking. Michael has skills in servicing a varied range of clients engaged in; Construction, Demolition, Earthmoving, Manufacturing, Importing, Wholesaling, Hospitality, and Property Development. He is proficient in all classes of general insurance including: Industrial Special Risks, Business Interruption, Broadform Liability, Contract Works, Professional Indemnity, Product Recall, Management Liability, and Marine Transit. Through his strength and tenacity in negotiating premiums and claims, Michael has built a portfolio of loyal clients and currently works with large commercial and industrial clients.Michael has a Diploma of Financial Services (Insurance Broking) and is a Qualified Practising insurance Broker (QPIB).


Nelson Pamute
Title: Senior Account Executive
Direct line: +61 2 9034-5522
Email: npamute@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: Nelson commenced in Insurance seven years ago in the niche market of Kidnap & Ransom, Jewellery Block and Yacht Insurance. More recently he has expanded into corporate broking, Wholesaling Life Science and Air conditioning Liability Insurance. Professionally he approaches clients and their industries collectively and arrange the best solution at the most competitive price for each of their needs. He currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Commerce majoring in Accounting and Bachelors of Law (LLB), and holds a Diploma in Financial Planning; and a Diploma in Insurance Broking

Nicky Cassin
Title: Account Executive
Direct line: +61 2 9034-5513
Email: ncassin@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: Nicky has over 9 years’ experience working within the Australian insurance industry for both domestic and international companies. Nicky has sound product knowledge across multiple lines of insurance and specialises in working with both SME and Commercial clients. A focused professional, Nicky is a practical and solution driven individual that prides herself on the value-add she provides her clients. Helping clients to understand their risk exposure, Nicky delivers innovative business solutions that are comprehensive and cost-effective. Nicky holds her Tier 1 in Insurance Broking through the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA).


Rob Tremble
Title: Account Director
Mobile: +61 4 5540 1744
Direct line: +61 2 9034-5536
Email: rtremble@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: Robert has over 20 years’ experience within General Insurance, predominantly as a Corporate Property underwriter. Robert has developed his in-depth knowledge working for both domestic and International insurance companies. Specialising in Property mainly in relation to high end commercial risks, Robert provides his clients with a wealth of knowledge, experience and a dedicated and professional approach to their needs. Rob holds a Diploma of Insurance and Tier 1 in Insurance Broking & Financial Services.


Roy McClelland
Title: Account Director
Mobile:+61 4 1266 2262
Direct line:+61 7 3395 5506
Email: rmcclelland@steadfast-irs.com.au

Bios: Roy has worked in the Insurance Industry for over 30 years. Roy is a high profile and succesful insurance market broker who now specialises in Wholesale Broking, Construction Insurance and related risks. He is technically sound in the majority of product lines, has strong new business and client retention skills and has been involved in international insurance markets. Roy is known for the strength of his client relationships and his driven approach to providing the right solutions for his clients. Roy holds a Diploma of Financial Services (Insurance Broking).


Sarah Harrison
Title: Account Manager
Mobile:+61 422 203 042
Email: sharrison@steadfast-irs.com.au
LinkedIn Address: https://au.linkedin.com/in/sarah-harrison-29b90b97

Bios: A driven and enthusiastic professional, Sarah has 15 years of experience in the insurance industry. She specialises in the Showman, Leisure and Entertainment sectors, with particular focus on covering Public Liability risks, commercial motor, cancellation and abandonment, marine transit and fire and perils. Notably, she has been directly involved in servicing the clients of the Boating Industry Association. Known for her commitment, strong work ethic and superior solutions, she delivers outstanding service to her clients. Sarah has a Tier 1 Diploma of Financial Services (Insurance Broking) and is a Qualified Practising Insurance Broker (QPIB) with the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA).